the show

Fulminant stage explosion!

We are probably the most chaotic "band" you will ever see! Ok, admittedly, we are more show than band, but rock'n'roll is not only music, as we all know...

sweaty action & merciless crazy escapades - we create a unique show where you can be in the middle of it instead of just being there! A brilliant firework of two stage chaots - Mr. Rockalicious & Ms. Italia - who celebrate the absurd-comical musically in a childlike way and always improvise something new. Armed with Fender, Micro & Hula they have only one goal: Live Rock'n'Roll in all its facets!

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Not up for live, but still up for a show?

The MITOSSI RADIO SHOW rocks straight to your ears! 

Making the impossible possible or even "our stage is everywhere!" is our motto. And that's why our visual, non-verbal show is now available in audio format! Huh?!

Convince yourself and listen to the brand new trailer! And if you want more of it (whole monthly episodes: 45min. long), then check out our online backstage area Patreon. Because our fancy RADIO SHOW is exclusively available there:

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